Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Welcome to our Blog

Hi to all of my (two) readers!  I keep meaning to write an introductory post about us and our learning so far, and never get around to it.  Today I have a sick girl, which means a lot of time watching movies, so I am going to take advantage of the quiet to write something and get it in here. 
 "Frances" is three and a half, and a real learner.  Right now she loves the aliens from Toy Story, and calls them Krakuls - she misheard what they say in the movies "You saved our lives, we are grateful."  as "You saved our lives, we are Krakuls."  She loves to listen to stories, and enjoys doing lots of things on the computer, including the Starfall website, Tumblebooks and the Sesame Street website.  Frances wants to do everything herself, except the things I think she should do herself.  Lately she has been helping me cook and we enjoy our afternoons together while Gloria is taking her nap.  Frances is also practicing initial sounds in words and rhyming.
"Gloria" just turned two this month, and is also a real learner.  At two she can recognize most letters and can count to twenty.   She enjoys playing by herself, and will sit and read books for long periods of time.   I'm not doing any active preschool with her at this point, but I think she would enjoy it. 
We are currently using Picture Book Preschool http://www.semicolonblog.com/?page_id=2006 as our main form of preschool, but it's not enough.  We have friends who are doing a more organized home preschool curriculum, and I think we will try that soon.  We love reading the picture books in Picture Book Preschool, but the books are older, classic titles, and those can be a little long.   They are also harder to find in our small town.  We're lucky to have two library systems available to us - our local public library, and we have a cousin who is a school librarian here, and we use her district resources too.
We just moved to this small town about six weeks ago, and I am lucky enough to stay home with the girls now.  This has its challenges for sure - there are many days during the week that the girls watch TV while I do chores, or we spend all of our quality time together doing errands.  But we go each week to our public library for storytime (and we actually probably go to the public library at least twice a week), plus I volunteer once every other week in our cousin's library to do a short storytime for the Head Start kids.
My intention in creating this blog was to look at what we do each week, including pictures.  I am also going to use this blog to record the books we are reading for Picture Book Preschool - what did and did not work for us, and what was not available to us.  As a family, we are always learning and talking about the world around us, and I think this will be a fun place to record it.
So welcome to our lives and our learning!

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