Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Last Week with the Learning Girls

Hi everyone - well, we survived another week in the M  household, something that was definitely in doubt on several days.  On Halloween night Gloria came down with a fever.  I hoped it was from too much excitement, outdoors time and candy, but by the next morning it was still going strong.  We went to the doctor to get a diagnosis of hand, foot and mouth disease.  Although I was really lucky that Frances didn't get it, we still stayed inside the majority of the week because Gloria was contagious.  And the worst part of that was that it was a nice week - sunny and in the 60's, something that is so rare in our northwestern state at this time of year.  We wanted to play with our friends, but couldn't.
We did focus a little more on Picture Book Preschool last week - the theme for the week was food.  We read almost every book on our list.  I really thought that Aliki's A Medieval Feast would be  the book that we did not finish last week.  However, the frames around the pictures, including details of fruit, vegetables, flowers and animals that were used in the cooking process for the feast,  kept Frances looking and listening.  She asked questions while she listened too.  I worried about the glorious peacock that is depicted on the cover, as we had lots of peacocks near the library I worked in in Arizona.  But when we got to the cooking of the peacock, she did not say a word.  We enjoyed Stone Soup and Pancakes, Pancakes and I am going to keep Stone Soup  another week so we can make a soup recipe with it.  We didn't read Bread, Bread, Bread but we just overlooked it - we certainly had enough time to read it!
One of the preschool recommendations for last week was to cook together.  Frances is really getting in to cooking and "helping" me on a daily basis.  This week we made Chex mix together and worked on measuring and mixing.  Both Frances and Gloria are enjoying pretend cooking lately - there is a kitchen in our hall closet, as well as an actual play kitchen in their bedroom. 
Gloria is continuing to surprise me with her letter and number recognition.  She points out letters or numbers on shirts, books, TV, street signs - Gloria loves them.  She made a D on the Magnadoodle and told me "Look Mama, a D!"  So that is fun to see.  Yesterday was her two year old well child appointment, and the doctor asked if she says at least ten words.  I told him "Oh yes, she probably says hundreds."  I know he didn't believe me, but it's true.   
This week's theme is Pets and we will be working on doing some pet-related chores as well as our learning.  We are also lucky enough to have friends who are doing a preschool curriculum where the theme is the farm this month, and we will be sharing in that.  Thanks for checking in with us!

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